Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Heart Christmas Season

I felt the need to change the blog a bit. As I read others' blogs, I realized that I am so busy, I just put information and some pictures. Now I plan on adding a little more thought as to what I write. We will see how this works.

While the three of us snotty-nosed Marshalls fight a cold, it doesn't change the fact that it is that time of year. December. Christmas.

Those around me know how much I love Christmas. I love making the house smell like apples and cinnamon, with a cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider while sitting on the couch staring at a tree that sparkles so beautifully. Then there are the additional Christmas decorations that make the house feel like home. Since we got our first dog, we have not put any presents under the tree due to a previous experience, which I miss doing dearly. Thank goodness our puppy at the time, Trooper, did not eat the whole DVD and we could salvage the DVD for ourselves.

Now that we have a very active child, I am debating when we should put the tree up. Not only is Ethan active, but he is a persistent little fella'. You tell him no, and he grins with his little "no means do it again" smirk while you stare at him with a displeasing look. But without the tree, it just does not feel like Christmas. I don't get the feeling of curling up in a blanket and wanting to fall asleep on the couch next to the Christmas tree while it snows large Charlie Brown flakes outside.

So how do all of you deal with having small children and having a Christmas tree?

Almost all the presents are bought and wrapped. The last of the Christmas shopping has to be done this week so I can send off all the presents. There aren't many who get to send presents one way to Alaska and the other direction to Norway. We are so fortunate to have family, but I often miss them. It is especially hard for me during the holidays. One holiday season, we all will be able to get together.

Here is to one year ago, when Ethan got to experience his first Christmas. He was our little Christmas 2009 miracle.

And I love those little quirks of personality that Ethan has, like the one where he likes his legs pretzeled up so his feet can rest against the high chair.