Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Heart Christmas Season

I felt the need to change the blog a bit. As I read others' blogs, I realized that I am so busy, I just put information and some pictures. Now I plan on adding a little more thought as to what I write. We will see how this works.

While the three of us snotty-nosed Marshalls fight a cold, it doesn't change the fact that it is that time of year. December. Christmas.

Those around me know how much I love Christmas. I love making the house smell like apples and cinnamon, with a cup of hot cocoa or hot apple cider while sitting on the couch staring at a tree that sparkles so beautifully. Then there are the additional Christmas decorations that make the house feel like home. Since we got our first dog, we have not put any presents under the tree due to a previous experience, which I miss doing dearly. Thank goodness our puppy at the time, Trooper, did not eat the whole DVD and we could salvage the DVD for ourselves.

Now that we have a very active child, I am debating when we should put the tree up. Not only is Ethan active, but he is a persistent little fella'. You tell him no, and he grins with his little "no means do it again" smirk while you stare at him with a displeasing look. But without the tree, it just does not feel like Christmas. I don't get the feeling of curling up in a blanket and wanting to fall asleep on the couch next to the Christmas tree while it snows large Charlie Brown flakes outside.

So how do all of you deal with having small children and having a Christmas tree?

Almost all the presents are bought and wrapped. The last of the Christmas shopping has to be done this week so I can send off all the presents. There aren't many who get to send presents one way to Alaska and the other direction to Norway. We are so fortunate to have family, but I often miss them. It is especially hard for me during the holidays. One holiday season, we all will be able to get together.

Here is to one year ago, when Ethan got to experience his first Christmas. He was our little Christmas 2009 miracle.

And I love those little quirks of personality that Ethan has, like the one where he likes his legs pretzeled up so his feet can rest against the high chair.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Pictures from November

Our house use to be pretty darn clean. Now, it looks like this on an average day with a 12 month old. Notice the diaper cream on the bench, the baby spoon and sippy cup full of water on the floor, a full grocery bag on the table, and our stools laying on their sides. Seriously, does anyone else's house look like this??? Ah, the joys of toddlerhood.

Here is a visit from Grandpa Greg. Telling time is a hard thing to do.

It's his Ninja Duck outfit!

So Big!

Do you like his handprint on his face? He sleeps on his face with his butt in the air. Well, his forehead was resting on his hands. This is the end result.

Ethan's first time being IN the snow. I had to pick him up and set him in the snow. He didn't move for about 5 minutes. Now, he loves being in it!


First of all, I cannot express all the things I am thankful for. I have a wonderful family and many awesome friends, a great job that I love (most of the time), yummy food on the table or the ability to go out to eat once in awhile, and we live in a beautiful house. My life is filled with love and happiness. I can't really ask for much more (well, I would like more children). During this holiday season, and the other 11 months of the year, I am thankful for all I have.

As for changes, I am going to change the blog a bit. It will be more than just pictures and updates of Ethan. So I hope you enjoy the new change, which will start in December.

Until then, we will post pics of our outdoor activities! He got a sled for his birthday from Gramma Norma and Grampa Charlie!

Ethan's Outdoor Outfit

I LOVE His Smile

His New Sled He Won't Willingly Get Out Of

He Suckers Us To Do Hard Labor

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

It's amazing that in one year, you have gone from this...

To this.

In one year, you have become such a big boy. It only seems like yesterday (though daddy would disagree) you came into our lives as the 7 lb, 8.9 oz baby. We got through your colic and your reflux. Now, you are a 20 lb, 3 oz healthy boy who won't stop moving. The first word you said, and knew what it meant, was very appropriate. "GO"! And then you tear off from the kitchen to the living room to the stairs. Our gates to the stairs have been opened for 2-3 weeks now. All our bathroom doors remain shut since the tub and toilet are your new toy collectors. You are Mr. Adventure and you are willing to try anything. Vegetables are your favorite to eat (especially, peas, green beans, and green peppers) and fruits are great for feeding the dogs. There are always a few minutes to read books... even an hour for that matter. And you always make a little time to cuddle with mom and dad (which we never thought was possible).

I loved cuddling and hugging you when you were just a tiny baby, so it makes me kind of sad that you are growing up. But it sure has been a pleasure to see you grow, to watch you learn so many new things (the newest would be picking your nose), and know that you are on the path to becoming a man. We hope that we can be good parents and provide you the tools (with the help of God) to become a strong, mature, and responsible gentleman who can one day experience what your dad and I have been able to so far. Here are to years to come. And when you are 60 years old, you will remain our baby.

With love,
Mom and Dad

Best Pic We Could Get!

Opening Gifts

My New Trike From Grandma Cindy!

Yum, Cake!

Dad and Me

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Sickly Lion

Here is my little lion. He was sick over Halloween weekend with high fevers. But with a little Tylenol and Ibuprofen, he was rearing to go.

The first time he had it on, he hated it. The second time he had it on, he cried when we took it off.

I'm a lion. Here me roar!

(Imagine that... He has a pacifier in his mouth and in his hand.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outside Pics For Now

But birthday pictures will be up soon (since I am at work and forgot the camera at home). And look for a new change within a few weeks.

He LOVES being outside!

Even if it is only 40 degrees, 30 mile-an-hour winds, and he has to wear a hat.

Mom Puts Me to Work

and I run around with no pants on all the time.

Long Day of Playing

After such a long day of playing, it's time to rest.

But this is what he does as soon as he realizes he is getting his picture taken.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Sneak Peak of Ethan's One Year Photos

I can't seem to get the "link" feature to work so you will have to copy and paste the website into your browser. We will get the full gallery sometime today. I'm so excited!

I may have to register Ethan for Regis and Kelly's Cutest Baby Contest in 2011!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deserving of It's Own Post

This is a picture from the night before his haircut, when we realized that he really needs one.

And I think it is my favorite picture of him....EVER.

First Haircut

Here are pictures during and after his first haircut! He was sooo cute and was such a good little boy! Ethan just giggled and laughed the whole haircut. He was so ticklish! Jordan used a clippers while I was on standby so he wouldn't fall off while he was on top of the bathroom sink. And I think it turned out very well!

P.S. Don't let him fool you. He smiles EVERY TIME the camera is pulled out. He is such a cheeser for the camera. He generally is a happy baby but I guarantee he gets cranky...even if the pictures don't show it!

Whatever Disease It May Be

Our poor little Ethan had some sort of viral disease last week. Thankfully, he is over it except for the runny nose. Whether it was Fifth Disease, Sixth Disease, or Measles, they all are treated the same. If you click on the pictures, you'll be able to see his poor little body. And these pictures do not show the rash at it's worst! I'm not ashamed to say that our little boy ran around the house stark naked OR with just a diaper on for several days. He loved it. And we had no accidents on the carpet, whew! I do have to share this story though.

When Ethan was stark naked one evening, he stood up and started peeing. Well, I had to laugh when he tried catching his pee. Every time he attempted to "catch the stream", he would stop peeing. The look on his face was a very confused one! I didn't have enough time to grab my camera, but this story is definitely going into his baby book!

Yes, my child will be embarrassed some day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Problem or Addiction?

Ok, so it may not be a problem now.

As parents, we probably feed the need for pacifiers. At night, we throw all the pacifiers into his crib. Every time we (well, actually just I) check on him, he is in a different position with a different pacifier in his mouth. So if this is the temporary fix to him sleeping through the night, we are all for it.

We eventually will transition away from the pacifier. For now, it makes us all happy!

Speaking of checking on him, am I the only freak of a mom who STILL checks on him at least once before I go to bed and when I wake up before him? Habits are hard to break.

But if I hadn't checked on him this morning, I wouldn't have gotten this adorable picture. And yes, he slept right through the flash.

Sunday, August 22, 2010