Wednesday, June 12, 2013

They Say That Asians Are Obsessed with Strider Bikes

Yes, we really do have that many strider bikes lined up in our garage thanks to yesterday's buy.

To prevent fights, we made sure to buy another orange one for Bryce. Ethan was adamant about making sure Lexi got her pink Strider. She is a pro at it for a 19 month old; she can sit and walk with it. And yes, she loves the color pink.

So Ethan felt included, we bought him a slightly larger seat and a water bottle. He thinks he is so cool. I guess he kind of is since he can balance on his bike without putting his feet down for as long as he wants.

And then there is Bryce. His enjoyment includes trying push the Strider up the tree or up the slide, hence why the slide is upside down. Otherwise, he likes to walk beside it. When Ethan got his bike a few years back, Ethan just like walking beside it. A few days later, he just hopped on and the rest is history. I think Bryce will follow Ethan's lead.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Much Needed Update

After thinking about how bad I have been to keep those that love us updated, I have decided to start blogging again. The blogging isn't for me; it is for those of you who would like to know what is going on in our crazy lives. I feel that it is a privilege for our family to have so many people love us and care for us. I only wish that we lived closer to all of our family and friends!

So here is the shortened version of what is going on these days:

- Ethan is 3.5 years old. He loves trains and trucks. That kid amazes me every day the things he says and the stuff he does. As stubborn as he is, I love him to death! He goes to daycare two times a week.

- Bryce is almost 19 months old. He is also a train and truck fanatic. He even wants to start riding a strider bike! He often likes to follow Ethan's lead. Either he is a very happy or very grumpy kid. He has a great smile and very long eyelashes.

- Our youngest (by one minute) is Lexi. She absolutely cracks me up. Also at 19 months old, she loves her baby doll she got when she turned 1 year old. She is also our fashionista! In fact, she got a new pair of play shoes the other day and she took them to bed with her. I don't know what I am going to do with a girly-girl?!

- Jordan remain at Black Hills Corporation as a Database Administrator. He is still into dirt bikes and just finished a dirt bike trip to Colorado with his brothers.

- I still work part-time as a flight nurse at Black Hills Life Flight. Otherwise, I stay at home with the little ones.

I think that's about it! I will post pictures as soon as I get some downloaded onto the computer. And thank you to all of those who love us. May you enjoy the blog, which will hopefully be new and improved soon!