Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Illness Fairy...

Dear Illness Fairy,

Thank you so much for visiting our house. Your stay here was unappreciated to start out with, but I believe you've gone beyond wearing out your welcome here. So, I am forcefully giving you the boot!

Yes, Ethan is getting better after having RSV and an ear infection. Luckily, the doctor could put him on antibiotics. We just BARELY managed to keep him out of the hospital. But you just couldn't help it, could you?! You had to take that extra step to make me sick, too! Thanks to you, I will be visiting the doctor tomorrow because my ears are killing me.

And can I say that your timing is impeccable Illness Fairy? You just had to choose a time when Jordan is out of town for work. He is in the Twin Cities working hard. And I'm just trying to survive with myself being horribly sick and trying to take care of a snot-nosed baby with a cough. You enjoy taking advantage of the whole situation.

Next time you decide to visit (and it better be a long time before that happens), please keep your stay to a maximum of 24 hours. You must leave pronto, or else! We expect you to cooperate and would like an apology.


P.S. And please slam the door on your way out so we know you have left!

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  1. Sorry to hear Ethan is sick! We have never (knock on wood) had to deal with RSV... but I know it can be pretty awful.

    We'll be wishing for a swift recovery for him!

    And we have your swing as well. A gift from my in-laws. And yes, we adore it. (But not so much with a tiny infant, it goes WAY too fasT).

    What a cutie, RSV or not... adorable!