Sunday, August 22, 2010


Meet Payson Holmes. He is 8 days younger than Ethan. The boys had the same due date, but Ethan beat him to the finish line in that department.

We are good friends with Payson's parents, Nick and Leah, and we use to be neighbors in Phoenix. But they insisted on moving away because of the military. And we wish we could be neighbors forever. They moved back to Phoenix since then (they are using the military excuse again), but will be moving to Las Vegas so Nick can be a Thunderbird...#4 to be exact. We keep telling them there is an air force base here. I guess flying jets is more exciting than flying bombers.

Payson and Leah were able to make a quick trip to Rapid City because they have family here. It was so nice to see them. And I think the boys had fun playing. As usual, Ethan was busy cheesing for the camera.

Nice to Meet You!

Attempting to Share

Umm, Let Go of My Hand Ethan

Getting Ready to Go

Nick and Leah, New Years Eve 2004

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