Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whatever Disease It May Be

Our poor little Ethan had some sort of viral disease last week. Thankfully, he is over it except for the runny nose. Whether it was Fifth Disease, Sixth Disease, or Measles, they all are treated the same. If you click on the pictures, you'll be able to see his poor little body. And these pictures do not show the rash at it's worst! I'm not ashamed to say that our little boy ran around the house stark naked OR with just a diaper on for several days. He loved it. And we had no accidents on the carpet, whew! I do have to share this story though.

When Ethan was stark naked one evening, he stood up and started peeing. Well, I had to laugh when he tried catching his pee. Every time he attempted to "catch the stream", he would stop peeing. The look on his face was a very confused one! I didn't have enough time to grab my camera, but this story is definitely going into his baby book!

Yes, my child will be embarrassed some day.


  1. That made me laugh!
    I love it!
    He is such a cutie, I love all the pictures :)

  2. Abby had something that looked like that after taking an antibiotic... it was everywhere. and then it cleared up... although I don't remember how (meds or not?)
    Happy to hear he is feeling better! He sure is a smilely little guy!