Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me and My New Tooth

After dealing with a problematic tooth (thanks to a dentist for screwing it up) for about 20 years, I finally got my crown. The last year and a half has been spent getting a bone graft and then an implant, and the last step of getting a crown. We're hoping this will be the last of my tooth trouble for at least another 20 years!

Jordan is in Denver seeing his dad. There is also a part of Black Hills Corp, where Jordan works, in Denver so he can work from there, too. Larry is doing remarkably well and it awesome to hear of all the encouraging updates.

As for the pregnancy, everything seems to be right on target as far as I know. We haven't done anything else to the baby's room. We put all the bedding on my registry I just need to buy a piece so I can start matching colors.

Everyone does keep asking about names and we have a list but we have not decided on just one, yet. Every name we think of seems to be taken by close family/friends. I was just thinking the other day how we had 6 months to come up with a name. Now we are down to 3 months, yikes! And I already know that I'm going to miss the little guy moving around and kicking me. I love feeling him and knowing he's in there.

I'm trying really hard to not gain too much weight. I'm hoping that most of this weight is just baby because the pounds just keep coming on. Yes, I know...the weight is more than baby but I can hope, right? Here is the 26 week picture!

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