Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Overinflated!

So my abdomen feels quite...expanded (or large, stretched, gigantic, augmented, etc). I've lost sight of my feet weeks ago and I only see my knees when I'm sitting down. Someday, my belly will pop. I'm starting to get convinced this little guy will be a toddler before he ever comes out. I ache all over, sometimes to the point where I can't get up or walk. All my joints hurt like I have arthritis, especially in my hands and wrists. It's probably from the swelling. It's not a lot of fun, but I don't mind even though I gripe about it to Jordan. Jordan has been a champ and never says anything back to me. He just listens and tries to comfort me when he can, even if that means he has to put on my socks or my shoes. And we're about as prepared as we can be, whatever that may be. Yesterday, we put in a nice closet organizer. Wow, we have so much storage, I may want to do that in every closet!

The OB appointment went well last week, I think. I had to see the nurse practitioner since my OB was not able to see me. The NP was very concerned that this baby is getting quite big. She guestimated him to be 5+ pounds at 34 weeks along, yikes! Plus, he was in a diagonal position. At my next appointment, which is next week, she told me that the doctor will probably do an ultrasound to see just how big this baby is. And if he's as big as she thinks he is, then there is a chance I will be induced early. No complaints here as long as Mr. Marshall is happy and healthy! Plus, I have symptoms that indicates I have a large baby in there.

Larry's funeral was on Sat. Oct 3. It was beautiful and so neat to see so many people there. The whole family continues to hear other peoples' reactions and they all have been very positive. It's amazing to see that Larry continues to touch peoples' lives even today! One of his relatives has committed to doing some missions work. And there are so many others, including myself, that look at what they want to do in the future and how they can accomplish it. Larry and Cindy's impact on others has truly been a gift from God.

Oh, and just a snippet of info...Thursday, October 15th, there is a benefit for Thore and Justine Jenshus. Dinner Theatre sneak preview of Dracula at the Firehouse at 7:30 but be there by 7 pm. Suggested minimum donation $35/person which includes appetizers and cash bar. 100% of all the proceeds goes towards the Jenshus Family!

Life is returning back to normal around least for the time being...until our little bundy of joy arrives!

(34 weeks)

(35 weeks)

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