Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Foot

Ethan has "found his feet." He outgrew his newborn socks before he was born. But, they still worked. I finally bought some new socks that are size 6-12 month. They fit perfectly. And I highly recommend the Hanes socks that have the size written on the bottom made of the grippy stuff. I bought them at Target. Having a hyper and spastic child, he hasn't managed to kick these off, yet!

Sorry there is no video of him... I have to ask Jordan how to do that.

He will be 3 months next week. And he will forever be a Rapid City Rush Hockey fan!!!

What are these monstrous things?

Too interested in the camera to smile

1 comment:

  1. Kim!! Your baby!! What a doll!

    Happy to see you have a blog, I wasn't "in the know" about it... but now I will be certain to keep myself posted on the happenings at your place.

    Congrats on your long awaited bundle... he is so adorable.

    Congrats again!