Tuesday, May 11, 2010

6 Months Old!

So our little boy is becoming a BIG BOY! He was 6 months old last week. And he had his 6 month checkup.

He is:
Weight- 16 lb, 10 oz (45%)
Height- 26.5 inches (50%)
Head- 20%

Yes, he still has a little peanut head. But, he did so well with his shots. Just a cry for a few seconds and then he gave the nurse a look of disgust. He looked at me and smiled...my heart melted! What a sweet little boy.

He is rolling all over the place and he is now eating solid food consistently. Who knew that his two only foods he likes is peas and prunes?! He LOVES to eat though.

On a side note, we finished our basement off and it should be completely done this week! We finished 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Now, we finally have a place for guests to sleep again. It's very nice. We also started baby-proofing the house by putting the television on the wall and moving the other electronics out of reach for small children. Woohoo!

And the best news for Jordan and I... Ethan is sleeping through the night in his crib! YAY! It is wonderful. It's actually pretty funny. We put 6 or so pacifiers in his crib at night because he is a paci-holic. One night I went to check on him before I went to bed, he had one in each hand, one by his face that he started off with, and one in his mouth. I should have taken a picture.

Here are the pics that weren't showing up before.

Have a great week!

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