Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

It's amazing that in one year, you have gone from this...

To this.

In one year, you have become such a big boy. It only seems like yesterday (though daddy would disagree) you came into our lives as the 7 lb, 8.9 oz baby. We got through your colic and your reflux. Now, you are a 20 lb, 3 oz healthy boy who won't stop moving. The first word you said, and knew what it meant, was very appropriate. "GO"! And then you tear off from the kitchen to the living room to the stairs. Our gates to the stairs have been opened for 2-3 weeks now. All our bathroom doors remain shut since the tub and toilet are your new toy collectors. You are Mr. Adventure and you are willing to try anything. Vegetables are your favorite to eat (especially, peas, green beans, and green peppers) and fruits are great for feeding the dogs. There are always a few minutes to read books... even an hour for that matter. And you always make a little time to cuddle with mom and dad (which we never thought was possible).

I loved cuddling and hugging you when you were just a tiny baby, so it makes me kind of sad that you are growing up. But it sure has been a pleasure to see you grow, to watch you learn so many new things (the newest would be picking your nose), and know that you are on the path to becoming a man. We hope that we can be good parents and provide you the tools (with the help of God) to become a strong, mature, and responsible gentleman who can one day experience what your dad and I have been able to so far. Here are to years to come. And when you are 60 years old, you will remain our baby.

With love,
Mom and Dad

Best Pic We Could Get!

Opening Gifts

My New Trike From Grandma Cindy!

Yum, Cake!

Dad and Me

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