Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Is Possible to Crash a Mac Computer

Nope, I'm not able to post any pictures today. You'll have to wait. Why? Because I managed to crash our macintosh laptop. Most of our stuff was backed up except for Ethan's first year of video. The laptop was in the process of backing that up when it crashed. Thankfully, I married a computer guy who is working on getting the information from the old hard drive onto the new one. Whew! I thought about crying because I was so upset, but Jordan came to my rescue!

Last week was kind of a whirlwind. I ended up in the hospital Thursday night for lots of contractions that were really getting uncomfortable. They put me on IV medication to help stop that. I was suppose to go to the hospital this week anyway for a bunch of stuff so it worked out in the end. The babies are still doing great and are as active as ever. After a few tests were completed, I am not expected to go into labor for at least another 2 weeks. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and chugging right along. I'm starting to feel like a beached whale. The beach is the couch, the whale is me.

Ethan is doing great. He has adjusted well to me being on bedrest. Jordan has done so well to step up as the mom and dad role. I love that man :o) Finally, Ethan is talking more and more. I thought he was going to be stuck saying the same 15 words forever. But with him only knowing a few words, he is still able to put words together. He amazes me every day, like when he manages to take ALL of the child-proof plugs out of the outlets, or get batteries out of toy that is suppose to be child-proof. Last night, I found that he took apart the telephone jack box apart, but was not so successful at putting it back together.

Our old house is all packed up thanks to Jordan and others who have helped. Jordan gets a little break and will be busy packing up our current house at the end of the month. We close on our new house in T minus 16 days!

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