Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sell a House, Buy a House

How crazy are our lives? Crazy enough that we sold our house and bought another one within a few days while I am on bedrest expecting twins just one month after we move in. Whew! We close on the house we are selling on September 26th and then close on the house we are buying on the 30th. Hopefully, I won't be on bedrest in the hospital at that point! The biggest thing we love about our new house is the huge fenced in back yard that is nicely landscaped. A fence is something we weren't allowed to have at our other house. The house is also just a block away from one of the best elementary schools. It's a pre-existing house built in the late 1960s. Some of the house needs a little renovation down the road but it still is a beautiful house! We are so excited.

What can I say about Ethan other than he is almost 2 years old. He has reached that 2 year old stage and wow is he a handful. Well, he always has been but you add a little age to that and watch out! Although he always has been a stubborn but he also is becoming defiant. Two great qualities to have to drive your parents nutty.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday and the babies look fabulous! They both are measuring well and moving lots. Heart beats are normal. I will be 28 weeks on Saturday and that is a great hurdle to get over. Now we must make it another month to improve the chances of having healthy little babies. Every day is a blessing!

So here are some pictures of the babies. Baby A is the little boy. Baby B is the little girl!

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