Monday, June 8, 2009

Maternity Clothes Shopping is Hard

17 weeks today, yippie! One more week down and one week closer to getting towards our goal of having a little one tucked in our arms.

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to go maternity shopping since I only have few shorts/pants left to wear, most that shouldn't be seen in public. And it is very hard to find anything that really fits me well. But, I found a pair of capris that need to be hemmed a bit as most capris are too long but also look like high-water pants. Oh, and I bought a pair of sweatpant capris that should fit very soon. I found those in the kids plus

My brother and his wife, Andy and Hege, are coming to visit today! I'm so excited. They are also expecting and are a month ahead of us. They live in Norway so this might be the last visit for quite some time. It's a short trip but I'm just happy that they were able to come visit since I'm not able to travel. They will return to Minnesota tomorrow where most of our family and their friends live.

Oh, and I have to tell this story since it is so funny. We celebrated our niece's 1st birthday yesterday evening. Well, her big brother was helping open presents. All the clothes went flying out of the way as he dug to the bottom. As he was opening the last set of clothes, the top of the dress was thrown over his shoulder and the little bottoms went straight to his face and he wiped his nose on them. That was classic :o)

Here is my picture at 17 weeks. I'm continuing to feel the oddest twinges here and there. Plus, I've been able to feel the baby kick for almost 2 weeks but it is becoming much more often and pronounced. Go baby!

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