Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayers for Larry

On Monday, June 9th, my father in-law Larry was in a severe work accident. It left him with life-threatening injuries. The accident left him with a bruised heart and lungs, several broken ribs, the sternum tore away from his ribs on both sides, and he has a liver injury that is a grade 5 (the worst on a 1-5 scale). Also, his right forearm is broken in several places and he'll need surgery to repair it. Due to all his injuries, he also went into acute kidney failure. Larry remains in the intensive care unit here in Rapid City, and he is still in critical condition. The Marshall family has received so much help and prayers from around the world. Keep them coming.

Please visit his caringbridge website to stay updated and to understand what happened.

Sorry that I haven't kept up with my own blog. We spent almost every waking minute at the hospital and I've been helping keep the caringbridge website up to date, too. Plus, almost all of Jordan's family came into town last week/weekend. I hope you all understand. To all my devoted followers, thank you so much for continuing to check in.

I'm happy to be off bedrest. All is going well on the baby front. Nothing new to report other than I'm getting bigger and I feel the baby moving more often, even if it is just a handful or more times a day. It's nice that I can move around and go to the hospital to visit Larry. And for those of you who keep asking...yes, I'm taking it easy and taking care of both myself and the baby. I have plenty of people who make sure of that.

Oh yeah, and we have a new addition to the family! We have another Corgi dog! Jordan's brother and his wife are in the military and are getting relocated to England. It is too expensive to bring their dogs over. So we got little Nala. She is a sweetheart. Our other dog Copper is still pouting a bit but they are starting to play more and more. We're still waiting for the "big fight" to see which will be the dominant one. Our cat doesn't seem to mind having another dog either since they even play once in awhile. Jordan always said that I could get another dog if we couldn't have children. Somehow, I managed to get another Corgi and I am pregnant. :o) :o) :o)

Here is the 18 weeks (technically 18 weeks, 1 day) picture. Enjoy!

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