Monday, September 14, 2009

No Time to Slow Down!

Sorry that I didn't post last week. We have been SOOOO busy! In fact, I think I've done too much and really have to watch myself. So after this week, I'm going to relax.

We have reached 31 weeks and time is flying by. I just had a doctor's appointment today and all is still right on track! I can't believe that we only have 2 months left...pretty darn exciting! I am sure that it will get harder to move around within the next few weeks. And I think my driving status is nearing the end since I can barely reach the pedals. Hopefully, I can continue driving until the end of September. Even though I'm getting more uncomfortable as each day passes, I take it all in and cherish every moment of it.

So what is taking up all my time? We have a rental property and we have been busy doing finishing touches on it and showing it to potential renters. The most frustrating thing is when people make appointments and then don't show up. But, we've finally got it rented, yay!!! Plus, they want to move in this week. So we're happy to not have to worry about that anymore.

My dad visited last week for a few days and that was really nice. I don't see my side of the family very often so it's always exciting to see them.

Oh, and we have added an addition to the nursery. We got the crib bedding! I needed to get something to match colors for curtains and just to start decorating. Nope, not nesting yet...just forcing myself to do get things ready. And I finally picked a mattress so we'll get that this week.

I can't believe I'm adding this bit to the blog. Yesterday, someone rang the doorbell and I went to the door. It was a teenager selling something, which I'm assuming was a fundraiser. She looked at me and said, "Hi, is your mom or dad here?" I just looked at her and said, "No" and she left. Do I look 15 years old and pregnant? If you ask me that, you won't be getting any of my business because I guarantee my parents do not live here.

Here are the pictures from both 30 weeks and 31 weeks. I'm starting to feel VERY pregnant!

(30 Weeks)

(31 Weeks)

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  1. Congrats on the rental! I know how stressful that can be!
    I can't believe she asked for your parents!?!? Force of habit, I hope!