Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time is Flying By

The bun has been in the oven for 29 weeks now! So, we're starting to head into the last corner preparing for that home straightaway! It's exciting. And I'm still content how things are. Really, who needs a mattress for the crib anyway? It's time to force myself to get ready for the baby even if my mind says I don't have to. Each and every step continues to be so surreal.

The rental property is almost complete so we can concentrate on our house a little bit. We need to get our carpets cleaned. Eventually, we will finish the 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in the basement. No rush though. That would be a good winter project.

All our friends are doing well. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers through these difficult times. Our friend who was in the dirt biking accident is preparing to go to rehab on the same campus where Jordan's dad is at. They on do rehab for spinal cord injuries and head injuries...an amazing place called Craig Hospital.

May you all have a great week! Stay safe, play safe, and enjoy every moment you have!

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