Thursday, September 24, 2009

Though We Mourn The Loss, We Celebrate Life

It has been a week of difficult times. Jordan's father, Larry, passed away yesterday in Denver. He has been fighting to stay alive since June 8th, the day of his accident. It has been miraculous to see him fight for the last 4 months. Though it isn't the outcome we want here, it is ultimately the outcome that God had planned. He has touched so many lives and continued to do so with his battle this summer. We appreciate the time we got to spend with him. Jordan and I went to Denver to visit him last weekend and I'm so happy we went. There was such pulling feeling on my heart that we needed to go. And now I know why. Larry is celebrating with family and friends and now can walk with the Lord. His body is healed...he can walk, talk, and move about as he pleases. He will always be missed and loved. And we know he will be watching over us. For those of you who never met him, I wish you could have. He was an amazing man and I feel so privileged to have known him and to have married his son.

To change the subject, I had an OB appointment today. Mr. Marshall continues to grow at a rampant pace and is still one week ahead of schedule. This is good, but I'm getting a little more nervous as each week passes. We are at 32 (and a half) weeks! The baby room is slowly getting put together.

Speaking of baby...I should pack my hospital bag. And, I don't know how to put the car seat in the car...does Jordan?

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  1. Take the car seat to your fire department. They will show you how to install it properly - most people get it a little wrong and it's great to learn to do it right!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Jordan's dad. :( We know he is in a better he'll be watching over you all and babe all day, every day. *hugs*