Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Big News!

Hello to all our family and friends! Since so many of you live far away, we thought it would be nice for you to keep up with our lives once in awhile. And a blog seemed like the most logical thing to do.

First off, big news...We Are Pregnant! It wasn't through the most natural means but we don't seem to want to do things like everyone else. We've been dealing with infertility for almost 4 years and miscarried twins last year. So, it's kind of been a rough road so far. But, here we are now.

I'm 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant today with a singleton. We have the luxury of knowing EXACTLY when conception occurred and how far along I am. Everything looks good so far. All three (yes, three) of my previous ultrasounds look excellent. Seeing the baby often is again, another luxury we get. We don't consider ourselves out of the woods yet, but we are optimistic. We just look at each milestone and go from there, hence the website name.

I've been pretty lucky with minimal, if any, morning sickness. I do get tired and have to take a nap during the day or I don't make it past 5 pm well. The gag reflex is heightened as are smells. And I'm really picky with food. These are all things I can easily handle.

I had a little trouble in the beginning with being really, really sick with some sort of viral super cold that lasted for six weeks and I'm finally now just over it, though I gave it to Jordan (sorry honey) who is finally getting over it, too. I also had super terrible ear infections on both sides. Thank goodness that's all done with! Plus, I had some trouble with my heart beating 30-40 beats above normal at a resting state. It is normal for the heart to beat up to 20 beats above normal during pregnancy though. I'd seem to have times where it would race 140+. After seeing a cardiologist and with time, it has gotten much better. I still get winded just going up a flight of stairs or walking too fast but that is manageable. Because of all of this and the fact that I have an awesome boss, I am off work through 12 weeks. So I have another month off, which is nice and very comforting to me. After all we've gone through, I want to give this little one the best chance possible!

To bring you up to speed on other events of our daily lives, I can fill you in. Jordan has been working at Black Hills Corporation (an energy company) since July 2008 as a database administrator. You can ask him exactly what he does. He enjoys it so much more than his previous job at Regional Health and is very happy with what he does now. As for me, I also started working in July at Black Hills Life Flight as a flight nurse. This is my dream job and I love it. I just told my dad the other day I did a paper on flight nursing when I was a freshman and a speech when I was a sophmore in high school. Pretty crazy. There aren't many people who can say they truly miss working. I miss it quite a bit. We still have our Welsh Corgi names Copper and our black cat Sassy. They are our fur babies.

Here is a picture of my already ginormous belly taken yesterday. Now some of it is probably flab since I haven't been able to work out for the last two months. Some of it may also be because I'm only 4 ft 11 in and my frame is small. And we took this later in the day so the belly is probably exaggerated a bit. Hopefully, the weeks to come will be very interesting! And don't mind all the sticker marks on my belly. I'm still on supplemental hormones, one of which is a skin patch. Woohoo, go hormones!


  1. Kim, I am just so happy for you that you get to experience this and your dreams are coming true! You look fantastic. I am saving your blog on my favorites and will check in often. I have a blog too that is private but if you want an invite just send me an email. Again, congrats!