Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Rollercoaster Ride

If I could have a very boring pregnancy, I would be one happy camper! That just isn't an option for me right now. I went to the OB on Monday and all looked great! I had an ultrasound and got to see our precious little peanut. Woohoo! But the woohoo would only last for part of the day until I started spotting.

Spotting is very common (approximately 50%) during the first trimester of pregnancy. The majority of the time, there is nothing wrong. But there is always that small percentage where the spotting means something. When we were pregnant with the twins, the spotting was bad sign that we had miscarried them. This time, we just assumed the worst and thought we for sure had lost our little baby. It was a grueling night to wait to call the OB office the next morning. They got us in right away and I got yet another ultrasound and THERE WAS THE HEARTBEAT! Yup, I bawled and Jordan gave a big sigh of relief. I'm now on even more meds and am definately taking it easy! And work is becoming more iffy as it gets closer and as I continue to have bumps in the road.

From here on out, I would really appreciate having the most boring pregnancy ever. You can all pray for that. I would appreciate it.

To ease my mind, or maybe for more torture, we rented a little doppler. And we can already hear the heartbeat! It's difficult not to run and check for the heartbeat every hour, but I've managed to check it only once or twice a day. It is the MOST FASCINATING sound and I cherish every little beat I hear. I joke around telling Jordan that I'm going to tape it to my belly and walk around with it all day, so we better buy more batteries! I am kidding, kind of. Hopefully as time goes by and as I get more comfortable with this pregnancy, I will check it once every couple of days. Hearing the heartbeat is truly miraculous and only a gift from God.

All else is going well. Just this week I've been more nauseous than usual. The cat puked, and I just about did, too. Hearing and seeing it almost put me over the edge. Any smell that I don't thnk is pleasant causes me to dry heave. But I still can't complain as it only comes in waves, I can still eat okay, and it is nothing compared to other women!

Jordan insisted on taking a picture of me this week, but I'm too embarrassed to even put it up. He managed to take it right after we got done eating supper even though I wasn't too keen on it. I look very bloated. And as for the last picture, that is also bloating according to the OB, because I am on so many hormones that my bowels are "swollen" as he put I guess I'm not looking pregnant just yet...just looking swollen and bloated!

Hopefully next week I'll have a little more courage to post a picture. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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