Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary...But Not Quite as Planned!

Today is Monday and I'm now 10 weeks! But whew, it's been a trying weekend for us. It was our seven year anniversary yesterday, April 19th. We had planned for a nice dinner out, but the plans drastically changed after last Friday.


Friday was a typical day of doing some light cleaning and all was fine. No worries and the spotting had finally stopped from earlier in the week. But crap hit the fan real fast when I started hemorrhaging lots and lots of bright red blood with a bunch of large clots. I couldn't even get off the toilet because the bleeding was so bad! Jordan was at work in a meeting so I had to send an emergency text message. The OB office said to go to the Emergency Dept immediately. I managed to drive myself there and broke down once I got there expecting once again the absolute worst! Jordan was able to meet me there. But low and behold, there was the little baby moving around with a heart beat! I was in such shock I barely even cried! It turns out I have a subchorionic hemorrhage or hematoma which affects 1% of pregnancies. Of course it would affect us as we can't seem to catch a break. I got put on strict bedrest and that is why our anniversary is one we are sure to never forget.

So fast-forward to Sunday and here I am on bedrest. Poor Jordan is now responsible for just about everything and I feel terrible. Plus our anniversary is not at all how we pictured it. It all turned out just fine. We ordered take-out from Olive Garden and we sat (I laid) on the couch eating our anniversary dinner. This is how memories are made, right?

Today I had another OB appointment. The subchorionic hematoma is still there and I'm still on strict bedrest for who knows how long. So exactly what is this? This is a condition where basically the placenta starts to tear away from the uterine wall and causes bleeding and/or blood clots. Now the clot sits there and until that area can heal itself, we're at a high risk for miscarriage due to the clot/bleed growing until it tears enough of the placenta away. It is especially dangerous as I could lose a lot of blood and will need blood transfusions, too! Also, I'm at high risk for the rest of the pregnancy for pre-term labor or for problems with the placenta during the third trimester. I will be closely watched. A weekly appointment with the OB is now a part of our routine...and the only outing I get!

It kind of stinks that Jordan had to leave on a business trip to Chicago this afternoon, but it was too late to try and reschedule everything. I can't complain too much though. He set me up with a new tv and dvd player in the living room upstairs, as the downstairs has no bathroom and I'd have to do stairs which isn't allowed. I have family bringing/making me food and helping with whatever I need all week. I feel like a helpless baby. At the same time, it's nice that there are so many people willing to help. It was fortunate that Jordan did manage to change his return flight to Friday instead of Sunday. I think he probably is much more stressed about leaving than I am. He was hoping to visit where he use to live and the church he attended when he was younger. But his wife knows how to create drama in his life and change all his plans :o)

This got very long-winded and I'm sorry for that. So much happened in a matter of days that I barely even knew where to start. No belly picture is going to be shown again. Jordan did get a picture of me before he left but I can't get to the picture since I'd have to find a USB cord downstairs and then hook stuff up. It's more than just me to think about now. This baby needs all the attention and care to help him or her stay alive. I'm willing to do just this...even if it means the possibility of being on bedrest for the next 6-7 months.

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