Monday, July 6, 2009

Call Me the 1% or Less

21 weeks! Woohoo! We are getting excited and I will start feeling a little more relieved each week from now on since we are approaching a "viable" pregnancy (one that the baby can survive outside the womb)!

So my new less than 1% chance of getting something is that I now have PUPPP, or "Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy." It's a terribly itchy rash that forms on the belly. The cause: pregnancy. The cure: birth. It most commonly occurs in the last part of the third trimester, or around 34-36 weeks. I got it at 20 weeks. Great, huh? Another interesting fact about PUPPP is that they found in studies fetal male DNA on the surface of the women's skin. And women who are pregnant with little baby boys are more 3 times more likely to get it than if they had little girls. So yes, we have a little boy troublemaker on our hands already!

We found out today that my father in-law Larry will be transferring to Denver unofficially. We're waiting for the "official" acceptance from the receiving doctor. So, I will be down there for a week or so just to help my mother in-law Cindy out. Larry is doing better and he is trying to get out of bed. You can read all about his daily progress at the caringbridge website.

Other than all the hiccups of the pregnancy, I'm loving it! Feeling the baby move and kick is wonderful! I already know I will miss that when the baby arrives. I guess I can stop calling him "the baby." We have some names in mind but it's not set in stone yet. You'll just have to wait to find out his name for now. Until then, I'll call him Mr. Marshall.

Here is my 21 week picture. And have a wonderful week!

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