Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look Mom, I'm Still a Week Ahead!!!

All went very well at our appointment yesterday. And Mr. Marshall is still measuring a week ahead of schedule! No concerns until he starts growing over two weeks ahead of schedule. I only have one more monthly appointment and then I'll be going in every two weeks! Kind of scary.

We picked up our baby furniture from JCPenney yesterday and we haven't pulled any of it out of the boxes. Hopefully none of it is damaged. There is no place to put the furniture until we move our guest bedroom furniture out. But, it sure is exciting to have it! I think Jordan might pee his pants by the time this is all said and done.

It sounds like Jordan's dad will be transferring to Denver the end of this week! We're so happy as we've been waiting for this step for weeks now! Thank you for all the CONTINUED support and prayers and please keep them coming. If he leaves the end of the week, I will probably meet up with my mother in-law on Monday. Jordan and I have our childbirth class on Saturday that we should go to since there is a limited amount in each class and we signed up for it months ago!

May you all have a happy hump day and rest of the week/weekend!

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