Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Little Wiggle Worm

It's crazy to think that our little guy is quite the mover and shaker! At 23 weeks, you can already see my belly bouncing around all over the place. I love watching him muscle around inside of me. He's so active that I often wake up in the middle of the night to Mr. Marshall kicking me hard or kicking me in the bladder.

Jordan is coming home tonight from San Francisco! I miss him lots but the week has gone by quite fast. Tomorrow, we are heading to Sioux Falls to see my brother and his family that are from Alaska. It may be awhile before we get to see all of them again. It's just a short weekend trip but I'm excited!

And finally, we got our stroller/car seat combo today! I can't get it out of the box because it is too heavy and packed tightly in the box. Plus, our furniture has arrived at JCPenney and we just need to pick it up! Maybe we should start planning the baby room and move the guest furniture out one of these days. Plus, my friend sent me the first baby present. As for my own project, I'm making my first baby blanket. It's turning out pretty good so far but not even close to finished yet. Yes, my knitting skills that I learned while on bedrest is coming in handy.

All of this is starting to make things much more real. I can't believe our dream of having a family is so close! I won't be completely relieved until Mr. Marshall is actually in our arms. We are over half way there!

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  1. Kim I am just so happy for you and wish you all the best! Even when he is here in your arms you will find yourself pinching your own arm because it is beyond words how you will feel.