Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Not an Alien

Now that Jordan can feel the baby and my belly bounces around, he becomes more assured that there is an alien inside of me. This claw-like thing is going to tear out of my belly with five heads and attack us all. Yes, this is what I get to deal with. And the ultrasound pictures just can't convince him that Mr. Marshall IS a baby with only one head, ten fingers, and ten toes. The tongue is not that of a snake's. Maybe you can try and talk with him...

We went to Sioux Falls over the weekend where we got to see my brother and his family who are from Alaska. We had lots of fun and I'm so glad that I got to see our niece and nephew! They are getting so big! Hannah just turned 8 and Sam is 5 and ready to start school this year. I'm feeling a little old. It may be awhile before we get to see them again. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later. Plus, Jordan picked up his new, but used, motorcycle. He's quite excited about it.

Otherwise, I'm doing fine. I've been getting headaches for the last week and today I have a nice throbbing one. Plus, I've been seeing bright lights float past my eyes. I'm hoping that I don't have pre-eclampsia but knowing my luck, I'll probably get it. I have an OB appointment tomorrow so I'll bring it up with him. Until then, I'll just take it easy. I do have some other signs of preeclampsia but it is hard to distinguish because many of the signs/symptoms can also be just plain old pregnancy.

The stroller has been put together and we are picking up our furniture from JCPenney today! It will have to stored in the garage until we can move things around and wash the carpets though. Hopefully, we'll get that all done in September.

Here is the 24 week picture! I'm not looking any bigger but I'm feeling bigger! I don't think I'll be able to keep my inney belly button. And I think those capri pants make my butt look bigger, LOL!


  1. You are absolutely adorable and the purple color looks great on you! I LOVE the tummy! It's so great to see that baby grow and grow - and yes, Jordan it IS a baby :)
    For most men, it doesn't become "real" until you squeeze that baby out and Daddy gets to hold him in his arms. Then the reality will hit him when he hears his new son cry. What a miracle it is indeed.

  2. You're looking great!

    Tim ALWAYS says that babies are aliens! Every time he sees a belly move or an ultrasound picture, he's more convinced. :) I'm afraid I'm no help for you!