Monday, May 4, 2009

12 Weeks Today, YAY!

Another week has gone by and we are at the 12 week mark! As each day and each week goes by, it's another milestone that we have hit! And we are so excited! We know things could still go wrong, as we found out earlier in the pregnancy. But, we continue to hope and pray for the best.

No doctor appointments this week, but we got to move the OB appointment to next Monday (3 days earlier, woohoo!). So, Jordan and I continue on with the same regimen.

I have two new battles going on now. First, the cat. Yes, our cat Sassy. I manage to mosey to the bathroom as minimal as possible, about 2-4 trips depending on the night and how long I sleep. Well, Sassy has decided that the new body pillow is now hers. So, we fight over this pillow the majority of the time when I get back into bed. I throw her off the bed, she comes back to claim her throne. And the battle continues...

The second battle is the constipation. Probably not something most of you want to hear, but it really is a problem. You better stop reading here and skip to the next paragraph if it makes you uncomfortable. I'm on strict bedrest, taking iron pills, being given extra hormones, and I'm pregnant! Just one of these things alone can give you constipation, let alone all of them together! I've eaten enough fruit and veggies to turn me into them, been drinking more than enough fluids, and I'm taking stool softeners. None of it seems to be helping. So I guess fiber bars are my next step!

It is sometimes hard for me (I don't know if Jordan feels the same way) to not have a "normal" pregnancy. We've had a long and hard walk down the infertility road, and then we've had to deal with the loss of two babies. So I was hoping that I could have a nice relaxing, nothing goes wrong pregnancy. Of course I'm elated that at least we are pregnant! I try and enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can, but it is in the confines of my own home and on the couch. And enjoying it all is in between hoping that any spotting I have is not a sign of losing another baby. So I admit that I am a little jealous of those who have uneventful and easy pregnancies.

In the end, I know that what Jordan and I have been through will be worth it and a million times over. We will absolutely cherish and love our babies with our struggles and heartbreak behind us. And to our two little babies in heaven, you will never be are always loved and we think about you every day.

Here is my 12 week picture. I'm skinnier than the 11 week picture, so I'm assuming I was just bloated, again. The slightest angle change of my body also makes quite a difference. The pooch is slightly bigger though. This is the week where the uterus pops out of the pelvis and over the pelvic bone. Grow little baby, grow!

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  1. YEAH!!! You're at 12 weeks! I was thinking about you yesterday as this is a big milestone - the peak out of the first tri and into the second! Thanks for the update!