Monday, May 18, 2009

Second Trimester, Here I Come!

It's a beautiful day here. Suppose to be 90 and just a small breeze with not a cloud in the sky! So I'm sitting outside on my lounge chair enjoying it. Sorry to those of you who are suffering in the cold or rain right now.

At 14 weeks, I can't believe the second trimester has made it's way here! I've read that the second trimester is at the end of the 12th week, but other sources say it starts at the end of the 13th week. So, I went with the longer wait and lengthier scenario, the cup has to be half empty.

The new hairdo is great! I don't even have to brush my hair if I don't want to! During a shower, I don't have to put a huge glob of shampoo and conditioner in my palm, and then it dries so fast! The wet crazy, didn't brush the hair after showering is kind of a cute look, too! But I have no styling gel to keep it that way. It's great and I should have cut my hair sooner!

We sold my dirtbike last week. I was sad, as it was my first one and it's what I learned to ride on. But since I wasn't going to use it this year, and the bike doesn't keep up with me anymore, it was time to sell it. I will get a more powerful bike with better suspension next year. I included a picture below of Jordan and me in Grand Junction, CO with our dirtbikes. It was taken a few years ago already, but it is by far my favorite picture of all our dirtbiking pictures!

Jordan is also selling his dirtbike. He got to buy a new bike last fall. Anyone want a monster of a bike? It's a 2001 Kawasaki KX 500...2 stroke, a.k.a. The Widow Maker. Sounds like fun, huh?

On Saturday I got to go on an "outing." We went to Denny's to have breakfast. Who get's excited about a car ride and food at Denny's? ME!!!! It was so much fun and almost depressing when we got back. But, I got to sit outside on the lounge chair all weekend and spend some time with family. Jordan's brother, who lives next door, had a birthday on Saturday. Aaron is 33...old fart! The carrot cake was excellent, thanks!

Well, I don't think my belly is bloated this week. I had a lot of cramping and stretching Thursday night and I woke up with a belly that was far bigger than it was the day before! The belly hasn't gotten any smaller. I guess I'm really starting to "pop out", which is how so many people describe it. I keep telling Jordan that I'm awfully big for being only 14 weeks, but he keeps reminding me the average woman isn't short and petite. At this rate, Jordan will be rolling me down the hall before I even reach my third trimester! Grow little baby!


  1. Yeah for a baby belly! Love it!

  2. Thanks Amanda! You can add me to your list again. I added myself to yours!