Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time to Chop My Hair

I know I know, I'm lagging behind on the blogging. I wasn't feeling the greatest yesterday and staring at the computer was not helping my headache. So, I talked on the phone a lot to start sharing the news with all of the extended family on my side. Jordan is responsible for telling his side of the family.

Oh yeah, I'm 13 weeks as of yesterday. YAY!

My OB appointment went well yesterday. No ultrasound this time, which I was hoping for. I shouldn't complain, right? Most women get one or two during the whole pregnancy. The baby's heart rate is a normal 160 beats per minute and my uterus is starting to grow...all very good signs. However, I will remain on bedrest until my next appointment, a whole month away! The doctor said he'll take it month by month. Another month on bedrest at minimum *sigh*. I'm hoping at some point, I'll be able to enjoy a little more of the pregnancy. It's just not the same looking at baby stuff on the internet as seeing it all in person.

Yes, I'm chopping my hair off. Every so often, I grow my hair out just enough to give it the a non-profit organization named "Locks of Love." They make wigs for financially disadvantaged children going through medical conditions or treatment that cause hair loss, such as cancer or alopecia areata (hair loss). And I feel privileged to be doing something to help a child out who needs something much more than I do. My hair grows back quite fast, and some childrens' hair never grows back.

I've been saying that I am going to cut my hair off for months now. Now that my hair is almost down to my butt and since it is constantly getting snarly from being on bedrest, it is definitely time. So my friend Justine, who also happens to be my hair dresser, is making a special house call for me this afternoon...bless her heart! I'll post pictures of a before and after later today or tomorrow. Woohoo, I'm so excited!

To change the subject, some bragging needs to be done. I have the absolute best boss and co-workers in the world! They have been wonderful to me. I spoke with one of my co-workers on the phone and knitting was brought up as a possible past-time. Except, I don't know how to knit. A babysitter did teach me how to crochet when I was really young, but I don't remember how to do that now. Anyway, Jordan refused to get me knitting stuff because he doesn't want to be seen in the knitting stuff. Plus, he thinks that knitting reminds him of old people (no offense to anyone who can knit whether you are younger or older). A few days later, my boss and another co-worker came bearing gifts - a knitting kit! Now, I'm slowly teaching myself how to knit. If whatever I make looks acceptable, I will put a picture of it online...maybe a pot holder or a scarf? And if anyone who lives near me knows how to knit, you're welcome to come over and show me a few pointers, like how to fix when I miss a loop or make a mistake!!!

Then I spoke with another co-worker a couple days later. Him and his wife want to get me a magazine subscription. I tried to turn that down but he just told me too bad and that I better pick one. I truly don't know how I'll repay all the generosity they have given to me!

Finally, my co-workers greet me almost every day. It's not the usual phone call or stopping over. Instead, they do a fly-over of my house in the helicopter! My house is called "checkpoint kilo-mike" (or KM for Kim Marshall if you don't know what that means). Since our house is between the hospital and the airport, it is easy for them to fly over. Sometimes they circle, or they fly quite low. I'm waiting for them to hover or land on the golf course behind our house one of these days. And get this, they sometimes even text me hi as they are going over. If you are a neighbor, too bad and you'll just have to deal with it for several months!

So to my co-workers, thank you so much for all that you have done for me and for the friendly greetings. I do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Plus, there have been family and friends stopping by to keep me company. So thank you for that, too!

Now that I've been talking about knitting, I do have to bring this up. A good friend of mine that I met on an infertility network is currently selling beautifully knitted baby blankets to raise money to adopt a little boy from South Korea. As all of you know, little adopted children are near and dear to my heart (especially Korean children) since I, too, am an adoptee from Korea. She already received her referral, is waiting for paperwork to be done, and is doing all sorts of projects to afford the adoption and time off. So please check out her blog to find out about her adorable little boy with fluffy hair and about her baby blankets. I know I will be getting one for our little boy or girl. www.bringchuckhome.blogspot.com

Oh, this got long! I suppose I need to write more than one post a week! To wrap it up, here is my 13 week picture. My jeans and half of my scrub pants don't fit anymore. That's a good thing, right?

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