Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Cat Still Lives

Sassy, our cat, is still alive after she thoroughly killed my Locks of Love hair. It now sits murdered on my kitchen table as I try to salvage at least some of it to give to Locks of Love. The hair is suppose to be in a pony tail and a pile of hair is not accepted. Since I have a some time on my hands, I am trying to put it back together. But I threatened to kill the cat...not that I would actually do it, but I would find someone or something else to do the dirty work. For example, if I let the cat outside (she's been an indoor cat since we got her as a kitten) without front claws, the coyotes would get to her and I'd never know about it! Of course now that I've cooled down, I can't think of doing anything to her. She is one of my fur babies after all! She has survived another day under the wrath of Kim (and maybe some of Kim's hormones).

And lots of excitement here this morning! I had my sister-in-law come over from next door to help me kill this spider which was unusual looking...key word: was. It was black and white striped and green/blue eyes. We eventually killed it after it fell into my purse! Yes, this is the extent of my excitement from day-to-day!

Jordan took a picture of me last night with clothes on that weren't either scrubs or my pajamas. So, here it is.

And we hope you all have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. that is one lucky cat! I love the belly shots, so cute!!!

  2. Good to see that we both post pics in REAL clothes from time to time. ha! Looking good!

  3. You're adorable!! Thanks for sharing your blog. I voted baby girl...I guess I'm biased :)