Friday, May 1, 2009

Ideas to Prevent Insanity Greatly Appreciated

The last two days have been a little difficult, as I am somewhat stir-crazy. Of course I like my days of laziness, but my days of doing ten things at once are being sorely missed right now.

I try and clean the house every week, or at least have it picked up. Never can I clean one room at once or have just one thing to do. I usually end up doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, mopping the floors, and even cleaning walls all at the same time. By the time Jordan gets home, the house is in shambles as everything is not in their places and there are piles of 'organized' stuff everywhere. Now I just stare at my house wondering what I can clean when I'm off bed rest. Hmmmm...the old dead fly that sits atop the windowsill on our light dormer window is the first on the list. And since I feel so bad because Jordan has already inherited doing everything around here, I never mention to him that it's there.

Another thought came to me today, which I shared with Jordan and am sadly going to share with you. As I was waiting for any sign of life outside our house, it occurred to me that I feel like a dog waiting for the sound of a car or the garage door opening. When any of those magical sounds appear, I perk my ears and listen intently, though I don't bark and go skidding across the floor to get to the door. Instead of wagging my tail, I'm grinning from ear-to-ear and giddy that Jordan is home! So this is how our dog must feel every day. Poor guy. Our cat could really care less.

Not much else going on , except that it's Friday. Jordan FINALLY gets to go dirtbiking tomorrow since the weather is starting to cooperate. I'm glad he gets to have some fun time instead of sitting around the house with his practically bed-stricken wifey. And now maybe I can have a day of him not telling me that he's going to sell all the dirtbikes because he can't even ride them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend with beautiful weather, and be safe!

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